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latest news & updates

Update Log - 05/01/2023


    - Added new boss galio to teleports interface
    - Added training dummy's at home gives xp
    - Fixed items prices at few shops
    - Added 3 portals at home skilling/pvp/monsters
    - Added new system for a new donator shops
    - Added objects and new shops to regular donator
    - Added xmas shop/new area/npc's
    - Fixed petlooter perk
    - Hoblin gonna drops 1 mbox and the mbox gonna give out xmas energy
    - Nerfed training npc's
    - Nerfed Bosses/and their special attacks T1,T2,T3,T4
    - Added valkyrie set to galio drop table
    - Added slayer task portal
    - Fixed bosses drops
    - Removed mboxes from hobgoblin drop table, added christmas energy instead
    - Fixed life stealer perk

Update Log - 05/05/2023


    - Fixed rainbow pernix set
    - Added custom rainbow weapons
    - Added few more items to use randomizer on them
    - Added donator token item, and a new system for the donator shop
    - Added double drop rates for donators ranks as benefits
    - Buffed Offhand Asc Cbow
    - Fixed 6 Elite Perks, Master regen,Reflector,Butcher,Bleed,Pet master, Basher
    - Added tips to the server
    - Nerfed voidclaw and void railgun
    - Added more stats to colossus set
    - Added discord rich presence on client
    - Fixed donator shop prices
    - Added new vote shop
    - Changed randomizers prices from 5m to 50k for each on general shop
    - Buffed telos from 200k hp to 1m
    - Added perfect randomizers to donator misc shop
    - Fixed automaton tracer slayer teleport location
    - When you kill spiritus it will count you as spiritus for each kill not gonna count as colossus boss
    - Virulent set when using randomizer will now gives magic damage instead of range

Update Log - 05/15/2023


    - Added custom discord bot to the server
    - Added rune hatchet to skilling shop
    - Changed nightmare area
    - New home arrived
    - Added custom raids ;;raids
    - Added new items to vote shop "rares"
    - Ring of kinship will take you to the right dung area
    - Buffed starter items "emperor" and "lunarfury"
    - Removed skilling shop from home added it to skilling area
    - Buffed nomad hp to 100k
    - Added 30 noted bones as starter to the new players
    - Added valkyrie to prestige shop
    - Valkyrie is now T4, and dark valkyrie T5
    - Improved chaotic weapons
    - You can now use randomizer on chaotics
    - Added more objects to donator zone
    - Buffed solak from 200k hp to 1m


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